STRINGS-bound by faith

A Travelouge love story.90min,35mm,1:1.85 aspect ratio,Dolby Digital,Colour,English/Hindi.2006.INDIA.

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On the name of religion dozens of Hindu hermits in saffron robes angrily burned the CDs and posters of 'Strings'.

Hindu hermits burn the effigy of Sanjay Jha, the director of Bollywood film Strings, during a protest in Allahabad, India, Monday, July 17, 2006.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Review on: Bound by Faith - Strings

When Pakistan hijacked Saigal
By: preran Jul 10, 2006 05:38 PM

Pros: Melodious, Unpretentious and refreshingly original
Cons: Why didn't they ask Gulzar for the lyrics?

Close your eyes, open your soul and let the music take over your senses. Strings-Bound by faith is a musical journey that will sweep you in its magic if you give yourself to it. Everything about this album is different, new and wonderful. I had no expectations when I caught up with these tunes at Now, I not only plan to buy the CD but gift it to a lot of people too.
Zubeen Garg (of Strings and Ya Ali fame) does himself proud in this album that introduces quite a few singers. Along with them, Zubeen has carved out an album that exudes
spirituality unlike Himesh Reshammiya’s higly pretentious Benares. So, while you read my review, I am going back to listen to the album. Happy reading folks!
Album: Strings: Bound by faith
Music Director: Zubeen Garg
Singers: Zubeen Garg, Shashwati Phukaan, Anandita Paul, Brishti Saikia,Anagarang Mahanta, Souran Chowdhary
Lyrics: Don’t Know.

Piya Milan Ko Jaana
Singer : Zubeen Garg (Chorus)
Category: K L Saigal meets Sufi-Pop
Major Instruments: Guitar, Dholak, Tabla

I have nothing against remixes as long as they are done well and this song is a prime example. A remixed version of K L Saigal’s song by the same mukhda, Piya Milan Ko Jaana conveys the Joie de Vivre in the next-gen format. Without mimicking the earlier version, Zubeen takes this song up by several notches. Hardcore Saigal fans will disagree though.

Kaise Kahoon
Singers: Zubeen Garg, Shashwati Phukaan
Category: Romantic (sublime)
Major Instruments: Jaltarang (?), Dhol

Shashwati Phukaan, take a bow! With a very minimal orchestra to aid her, Shashwati rises above the music and lyrics to deliver a knockout performance. Geeta Dutt’s bass voice meets Lataji’s vocal proficiency in this lady’s rendition. In an industry surviving on Lata and Asha clones, Shashwati Phukaan is fresh air and a very fragrant one too. I do not know why but I felt that this ditty would have fit very well in a Subhash Ghai movie. Wonder why.

Singer: Zubeen garg
Category: Sufi
Major Instruments: A variety of percussion, Keyboards

Just as I thought that I had it with Sufi numbers come these refreshing notes. Zubeen Garg does an efficient job without overdoing it which is more than you can say for all the Sufi songs (of late) put together-if only the lyrics were as good. Not that they are bad but they still have that "I have heard this before " feel to them.

Ramo Ramo
Singer: Zubeen Garg
Category: Sufi
Major Instrument: Stringed Instruments, Percussion

We now come to the piece de resistance of the album. Perfect lyrics, wonderful singing and an orchestra that knows its job very well. Before you know it, you will be singing

Bheeni Bheeni Bhor Bhole Bhajo
Ramo Ramo Ramo Ramo
Maange yahi var sabhi ko gale se lagaaye

I have fallen head over heels in love with this number. I just cannot have enough of it! If you want to buy this album for a song, it has got to be this one!!! Believe me, you will not regret it. Sample these lyrics

Jisne rache dharti ambar yahan
Jisne Rache parbat sagar yahan
Jis Brahm se moksh hai Hum usi mein samaaye...

After a load of crap, even these minimilastic lyrics sound like Ghalib to me.

Rimjhim Rimjhim
Singers: Anandita Paul, Brishti Saikia,Zubeen Garg
Category: Folk
Major Instruments : Ektara, Dhol

Maybe it is just the fact that the other numbers are so good or maybe this song plainly isn’t good enough. Despite the spirited singing, this is not something that you will want to listen to unless you are too bored to press the forward button. Good but not good enough.

Mantra (OM)
Singers: Anagarang Mahanta, Souran Chowdhary, Zubeen Garg
Category: Sanskrit Rap!
Major Instruments: Guitar, Tabla, Violins (Very Ecletic)

This is an AR Rahman meets R D Burmanesque composition. I am not a big fan of these types but I have to admit that it has got something very catchy to it although it is an extremely difficult sing-along. It could have fit into very well in Rang De Basanti. All said and done, this song will definitely not bore you. If not anything, the spirited singing will have you reaching for the rewind button.

Final Verdict: Three out of five. If the lyrics had been good enough, this album would have scored an easy four. If you are bored of Himesh Reshammiya (is there anyone else who isn’t by now?) and want to listen to some fresh voices, new instruments and melodious music which you can play anytime during the day, go and grab this album. Music in 2006 may not get better than this. I hope that I will be disproved.

note from jhaji:thank you for the review preran.i would like to correct some factual info. mention in the above review.
Zubeen Garg is an Indian.opening line of the song PIYA MILAN KO JANA is Pankaj Mallick’s,from Kapalkundala (1939).''mantra"understood as title"om" is a poem written by poet baba nagarjun,published in 1969. i appriciate your musical understanding,musical instruments are varied.cheers!!!


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